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West Creek Coho

Hot Smoked Coho Salmon - Boneless

This taste of this canned salmon makes it undoubtedly one of the most premium canned salmon available on the market today, direct from Canada and now available in Australia.

Canada is home to 5 indigenous species of salmon with Coho salmon being one of them. Wild fishing for Coho salmon, puts pressure on this natural resource that the Canadian eco system and local wild life depend on. West Creek Coho is sustainably farmed on land in British Columbia in the foot hills of the snow covered mountains surrounding the area. Zero chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides are used in the farming or canning process. 

What makes this product premium is its natural taste. There are only 2 ingredients used and that is boneless Alder smoked Coho Salmon fillets and salt. No additional water, oils, chemicals are used. It is just pure smoked Coho salmon preserved by the smoking process salt and its own fish oil.

  • BC Coho Salmon

  • Boneless

  • Fillets only

  • Smoked

  • No Water added

  • No Oil added

  • Ocean Wise

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